Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sox and A's means 4.0!

I was a bit confused at the start of today’s game, since I was expecting Bartolo Colon to pitch. I guess with the day of on Thursday and that 5-game series with Detroit, including that split double-header, it’s understandable that there would be some sort of move. My confusion continued when Alexei (or was it Nix?) failed to make the third out in the first inning, forcing Floyd to face a 4th batter, which led to a 2-run homer by the 5th. But that was the end of the confusion. The Sox went on to win their 4th straight game against the Athletics 6-2. This makes the Sox 25-25 for the season. Finally, at the .500 mark!

Gavin Floyd dominated the A’s over 7 innings, bumping his ERA down below a 6.00. Well, he didn’t pick up the win, but he sure didn’t pick up a loss. And 8 strike-outs (Thanks in large part to Orlando Cabrera, who seems to still be playing for the Sox) is not something you can frown at.

As for the offense, Jim Thome had a monster of a 3-run homer on a day when balls weren’t carrying over the fence. It followed up a solo shot off the bat of AJ Pierzynski, who tied the game up back when we were trailing 2-1. Aside from Alexei and Dye, Thome and AJ were the only Sox players to get hits. However, 6 walks were issued throughout the night. There were also 6 strike-outs, 3 belonging to Josh fields, and one in particular to AJ Pierzynski who reminded us why we loved Juan Uribe so much: his love for the act of swinging at sky-high fastballs.

Chris Getz was out of the lineup, in case you missed it. Apparently, he sprained his ankle sliding home in yesterday’s game and Jayson Nix took over for him at 2nd and in the lineup. Poor kid is injured on a monthly basis. I hope he’s back soon.

Final thoughts? Dewayne Wise or Brian Anderson? How should the epic battle be decided?

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Anonymous said...

If it were up to me, Brian Anderson would be the starting everyday CF, but apparently Ozzie wants to continue punishing Brian, even though he has been hitting well, for some fight he had with Ozzie's son 3-4 years ago. Things are going to be real messy when TCQ returns. I see TCQ as the future DH for the Sox.