Thursday, June 25, 2009

No More Room For Error For White Sox

Some words from Ozzie during the post-game interview:

“I never criticize my players for making errors on the field, I never will,”
Ozzie said. “But when you make a lazy error, that really (ticks) me off.”“I
thought he was a better shortstop than me,” Ozzie said. “I made a big mistake
when I said in January he's going to be a better shortstop than Ozzie Guillen. I
never thought I was that bad.”

Personally, I think Ozzie was way too harsh, and Chuck Garfein was way off line saying he may not even be in the lineup tomorrow.

Yes, it’s true that his errors cost the team 5 innings and because of him, the entire bullpen was used. But you can’t bit your nose to spite your face. Taking Ramirez out of the lineup against the Cubs would mean-what?- replacing him with Nix? He’s a potential offensive boost that you can’t go without.

In other news, Aaron Poreda has done well in a couple of high-pressure situations. Today, in particular. He picked up his first major league win because he managed to hold the score while the Sox worked their way out of a 14-inning 5-5 tie.

Josh Fields hit 2 home runs yesterday. He earned a start. Then, nothing. I mean… a walk. Konerko hit his 3rd homer of the series today. And AJ hit his 8th homer of the year. He’s already 5 shy of last year’s total.

The Sox are 7-3 in their last 10 games and just 2 games under .500. Sure, they’re 6 games out of first place, but they beat the Dodgers. Let me enjoy it.

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