Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making The Most Out Of 3rd Place: Jose Contreras vs. the Brewers

The depressing news: The Sox are 6 games behind Detroit and 2.5 behind the Twinkies. Worse yet, they’re 5 games under .500. Oh, how deflated I feel when just a couple of weeks ago they were 2nd, at .500, and exploding offensively. After that disastrous homestand of last week, I don’t know if I can even dream of a pennant this year. And to make things worse, it looks like Linebrink isn’t as effective as he was the first couple of weeks of the season- the same goes for most of the bullpen.

Speaking of Linebrink allowing a run and two walks, did it seem ridiculous to anyone else that Ozzie would take Linebrink out of the game with just one out to go? It's not like the game was on the line- I mean, we did have a 6-run lead when he was taken out. I say let Linebrink work himself out of his own mess. Then again, it only took Thornton 1 pitch to get the final out, so I can't- scratch that- shouldn't complain.

The excellent news: JOSE CONTERAS! An encore of his 8 inning, no run game. He gave up 2 hits this time, but what kind of idiot would complain about that? 8 strikeouts AND his ERA is down to 5.32. All this on 107 pitches. Is this heaven? Not to mention that the Sox scored 6 runs in the 2nd inning, eliminating any worries the Brewers had about it being a close game. Even Castro contributed with a solo homer. Konerko was back and knocked out a few hits. Things went well. Well, except for Brian Anderson, who struck out 3 times. Honestly, he’s a creative beard away from being Nick Swisher.

It seems Grandpa Jo will be pitching against the Cubs because Monday is an off day, allowing the rotation to make a little switcheroo. If he keeps this up, we can still save face against the North Siders.

Also notable: Pablo Ozuna was on steroids. Or, rather, suspended for steroids. If that guy is legitimately using performance-enhancing drugs, I could almost cry at the thought of how awful he could be au naturale.

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