Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Notes on The Week

I’ve been sans internet or television for the past week, so I’ve caught odd moments of games. I can’t really sit down and update that you as general, so here are some observations.

1. I nearly lost it yesterday listening to Hawk speaking about the Civil Rights game. Said Hawk, “Back then, we used to call Afrian Americans ‘Blacks’.”

2. Gordon Beckham hit his first major league career home, as did Chris Getz. Gordy Bex is constantly raising his average and hitting for power. He’ll be hitting in the .200s, and you know what? Him being brought up is turning out to be a real success. He could still work on his fielding, though. Getz continues to impress me at 2nd. I really think he has what it takes to play third if need be.

3. There were 4 errors in yesterday’s game. One happened to be a fielding error by Clayton Richard. Good grief! Another was Brian Anderson’s first error in something like 3 years. Whoops.

4. Scott Linebrink seems to be immune to Ozzie’s hook. Although he’s consistent only in his struggles, Ozzie refuses to take him out of the game. The prime example was the 2nd game against the Cubs. I might understand Linebrink being in until he gave up that 3-run homer, but afterwards? He should have grabbed some bench. If anyone can help explain this phenomenon to me, please do!

5. Speaking of relief pitchers, Nick Masset helped the Sox out quite a bit in the last two games. Still, he’s doing really well over in the NL. His ERA is a pretty low 1.88 so good for him!

6. Must mention Scotty Pods! 2 homers have been added to his list of great contributions.

7. Dewayne Wise finally picked up a couple of hits. AMEN! Dead weight no more.

8. We need a 5th starter.

That’s all I got for now. Off day tomorrow. Hopefully some serious Coop-Linebrink time inbetween today and Tuesday’s game.

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