Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cuban Pimp Crisis

Sure, Gordon Beckham is looming, and Josh Fields has yet to make an error grave enough to send insults his way, but I can’t help but wonder… what happened to Dayan Viciedo? He was quite a big deal at the time of his acquisition. I clearly remember there being a big contract, a very expensive car, and the nickname “The Cuban Pimp.”

Spring Training came around, and Viciedo hit a less than mediocre .231 with 2 home runs. And he was never heard of again. In reality, he resurfaced with the Birmingham Barons (AA). I had almost expected him to start at third base at the time of the trade. Now he wasn’t even in Charlotte? Well, the numbers don’t seem much better for Viciedo now. He is currently holding a .269 AVG with a weak .289 OBP in 193 at-bats (Second only to Brandon Allen) and the most errors of his team: 10. Well, that’s not encouraging at all…

Joey Cora and the like keep saying he will be special, he’s very young, etc, etc, etc… And I hope they’re right. However… I can’t help but be a bit disappointed with the transaction. True, we were warned that we should not expect the second coming of Alexei, but that warning came alongside a lot of hype that hinted that there was still a chance that it would be just that. I guess only time will tell if this deal was a big bust or if the kid is busting with talent.

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