Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giving The American League A Bad Name: The White Sox Story

I was kind of excited coming into today’s game. Yesterday’s game ended with a bang. Sure, Jenks blew another save and robbed Gavin Floyd (And my fantasy team!! Are fantasy baseball jokes getting old yet?) of a win, but that last inning- from BA’s single, to Getz’s bunt, to Josh Fields getting on base and Scotty Pods being Scotty Pods and singling- was exactly how baseball should be and the team was like a well-oiled machine. If only the entire team was having as great a season as Scotterrific!

Of course, in retrospect, I was being a moron. When’s the last time Clayton Richard impressed me? (Well, actually, he impressed me today with his first ever major league hit, which ended up being a double. That was pretty impressive.) The boy got 98 pitches in 5 innings. That wasn’t a good sign. And not because he was doing badly, but because the ‘pen, who was already overworked as is, isn’t really to be trusted of late. After Clayton made another fielding error to start off the 6th, Ozzie decided to bring in Carrasco. Big mistake. The error came around to score and then some. In two innings, the Brewers picked up 7 runs, while the Sox were stuck with their meager 2. I gave up on the game, but realized it wasn’t time to change the channel yet. Are you still with me?

AARON POREDA. Yes, we got to see his major league debut. Kind of like Richard on a good day, Poreda seems to be fastball away to lefties, fastball inside to righties. He picked up a couple of K’s, no runs, and just one base hit. And the good news is that even when he got behind 3-0, he still managed to strike a guy out. So, he was just facing NL hitters, but he’s not a disaster. I’m pleased. And that’s saying something, considering today’s loss.

Other things that don’t make me angry: the amount of doubles that were hit today, Fields’s surprising dexterity at first base, and the fact that today’s first basemen were Fields and Fielder.

BECKHAM UPDATE! BECKHAM UPDATE! Still unproductive. At least he’s not the disaster I thought he would be on third…

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