Friday, September 5, 2008

Time To Hit The Panic Button

I've been scared before. Sure, Crede may or may not be out for awhile. Sure, Beatnick Swisher is back to his old self. Sure, John Danks is tired and Buehrle is turning into Vazquez. But all those problems have solutions, are temporary, are not new. What you didn’t see coming is Carlos Quentin.

Carlos Quentin, whose status as possible MVP was much buzzed about as the post-season approached, has been out since Monday. Arm soreness turned into arm and wrist soreness, which turned into [as released today] surgery to insert a screw into his wrist because it is sprained. He will be reevaluated in 2-3 weeks. I kid you not, I was sick to my stomach when I read the release. Well, I suppose we always have B.A. [Sorry. Is it like a Heath Ledger joke? Too soon?]

After being plunked by a pitcher 20 times this season, bruises were expected, but I did not see this coming. (If you did, you are a big jerk for knowing and not doing anything about it! Shame on you! I digress.)

What does this mean for the Sox? Well, if Griffey was healthy, that would’ve meant that Konerko would get to play 1B every day, Swish would be in LF, Dye would be RF. But Griffey (General Soreness, as Jim from Sox Macine rightfully calls him) has been sitting out with back soreness lately. This leaves Jerry Owens, Brian Anderson, and Dewayne Wise, who was recently reinstated from the 15-day D.L. (Already? Hasn’t it only been like… 3 days? I’m sure they hurried him along because of Carlos) Common sense would say more playing time for B.A. Ozzie sense would say put Jerry Owens out there, or better yet, bring back Dewayne Wise, who is as much of an asset to this team as Nick Swisher [eye roll]. More important than playing time for our 5th, 6th, and 7th starters is the absence of a very important hitter in the lineup. What can I say? It’s time to push the panic button and run around like it’s 2007. That or see how it plays out.

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