Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homer Sad: Sox - Royals Game 2

The usually Homer-Happy Sox got a taste of their own medicine yesterday. Perhaps I prematurely jinxed Floyd, but before the game even started, my notes weren’t very optimistic. I had said consistency isn’t something this ballclub has, and I didn’t expect Floyd to be perfect on short rest. In fact, I’m sure this is all part of a ploy to make sure he pitches against the Twins. Understandable, he’s the only one that’s given them a chance, and it wasn’t all his fault, but still… Gavin was given all 5 of the runs for the night, a terrible crowd of outfielders, and aside from a 2-run homer, no run support. Quoth Alexei, “You’re welcome.”

It was the outfield that really hurt Floyd- he gave up 3 home runs, sure, but how about the one that was inside the park? I would say that’s the definition of ridiculous. There were four doubles for the night because the runners weren’t cut off early enough. I know Griffey can hustle when he needs to. Apparently, today wasn’t one of those days. And Dye isn’t exactly Grady Sizemore (yeah, I couldn’t come up with a better example), so asking him to cover Right Field and 1/3 of Griffey’s share of CF? Come on now, that just adds up to trouble. And much like I predicted August 2nd-ish, inside-the-park home run(s)! I feel that with 2 positions up for grabs in the OF, Ozzie & CO. roll a pair of dice to determine who they’ll get lucky with tonight. While “The Rock” has the numbers, they don’t match up to his career numbers. While Swish is good at-um… what does Swish do well? Oh, he takes pitches. Sure. Anderson is great running around out there and playing fetch, Owens did something in spring training that earned him a starting position, and Griffey is supposedly great at bat. They can all (Perhaps not Owens) have a big hit for you- occasionally. Kenny Williams must have a psychic on the roster or something- that’s the only thing that can explain… well, about 87.63% of his actions.

As for our hitters, it was easy-out all the way. Ramirez had a 2-run homer to score the only runs of the night and there were some scattered singles for a grand total of 4 hits and 2 walks. What more can you say? Jermayne Dye was 3 inches from hitting a game-tying home run, but it was just a fly out to pain in my side, Teahen. What can I say, Davies was good despite looking like he gained 30 lbs since the last time we saw him.

In terms of the bullpen, they were able to hold the score for once. After keeping Gavin in the game way too long considering he’ll have the Twinkers to face very soon, Ozzie brought out- who else, if not Boone Logan? While he got his only batter to hit a ground ball, he couldn’t get to first fast enough to throw him out. Understandable. When’s the last time he had to field a ball? You can’t tag a guy out if he walked, right? Then MacDougie Howser came on, and held the runners despite an exorbitant amount of hits- including a double. I really thought AJ would knee him in the groin. I was very surprised to see Clay Rich closing in the 8th inning. And, there were no fielding errors for him today. Baby steps.

And in terms of other miscellaneous business, I would like to insist- once again- that IF we have an open spot on third base, can we please pick up Alex Gordon? I just like that kid. I’m sorry. Even when he was at bat against Gavin and hit that home run, I couldn’t really be mad at either of them.

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