Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Not Over Till It's Over: Sox - Twins Game 2

In case after last night's 3-2 loss [and reduction of our division lead to just 0.5 games] to the Twinkies you pushed the panic button, threw away you Sox jersey, or set afire your signed Paul Konerko baseball card, I’m going to do my best to restore your confidence in the Sox.

After yesterday’s game, you might find it hard- hell, I’m sure I’m going to raise an eyebrow at my own writing, too, but what the heck? Let’s give it a try.

First of all, despite only scoring two runs, yesterday was a very very successful game in terms of clutch hitting. And hitting in general. The Sox got themselves 9 hits and 3 walks, and got many of them with 2 outs. Unfortunately, nothing from Wise and Konerko, or even Dye. The problem was clearly that “The Rock” Wise did all the hitting he could last week, and he’s just running on fumes so he’s been a black hole in the lineup this series. Playing him in the leadoff spot was wildly unsuccessful, so by the time it was OC’s turn or AJ’s turn or even Alexei (all of whom went two for four) to bat, someone had already done them in and there was already one out too many. If there are already 2 outs, a sac fly is just a regular out. But back to my point. Good, solid hitting.

Griffert- despite being as painful as a wisdom tooth removal in CF has been the only one picking up RBIs this series. He has 5, including two homers (last night’s having been a monster blast that even I was impressed by) of the solo persuasion.

Not just that, but Buehrle is still in good shape. After a scary 3 innings or so, he settled down and pitched a total of 7 innings of nothing but outs the rest of the way. And let me tell you what else. Linebrink must be feeling well, because he looked good on the mound.

And, really, the only reason we lost was because that call was totally off and Cabrera DID tag out Carlos Gomez. After all, Carlos Gomez is the fastest man on Earth. Daggunit! Or, at least, if you believe everything the Hawk says.

See? That was plenty of good stuff. And just to make everyone feel better, I’m going to post lots of cheer-up links for you.

For a less worthy, and even amusing recap of Don Guillote’s battles in the Hump Done, there are [Pale Hose 8’s Slowest Defense EVER] [Pale Hose 8’s Put a Fork In ‘Em]. I was more than amused to see a parody of [Ozzie Guillen on MadTV]. The impression was so dead-on, it almost made me forget that I wanted to take his job during this series. And, finally, because it’s appropriate, and just because I miss Joe Crede in the lineup, [Don’t Stop Believin’].

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