Wednesday, September 17, 2008

8 is the Ugliest Number: Sox - Yankees Game 3

Clayton Richard pitched 6 scoreless inning and did them while being stingier with pitches than my grandma is with her money. I couldn’t have asked for more from him (Except maybe to look less awkward when throwing. Tell me the way he throws (leg up in the air, arm swinging waaaay around) doesn’t freak you out!). Of course, he could have thrown a no-hitter, and that still would have made no difference if the Sox weren’t going to score. The Sox seem to have some sort of issue hitting pitchers they’ve never seen before, even if they are minor league babies, terrible major league rejects, or are homosapiens. Hey, Gardenhire! Are you looking for a pitcher to start against the Sox? Because I’m sure that if I showed up on the mound throwing an 18-inch softball, I could get you a no-hitter. Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad, but once again, the Sox couldn’t pull together more than one run, and lost 5-1 in game 3 of this series.

The problem wasn’t Richard. He held his own through 6 innings and a third. Then, he walked A. Rod. They should’ve pulled the plug even before that, but I figured, what’s one more out? No big. Ozzie brought in who I hoped would be Dr. K, MacDougie Howser, Mike MacDougal. On a wild pitch, A. Rod scored. The game was tied 1-2 when the inning ended. With [Joba] coming up, and their closer, there wasn’t much hope. I had already started looking for the optimal image of Chuck Norris for this post. The 8th started with no more runs for the Sox, and with Linebrink for the Yanks. He started his abysmal, Dotel-like inning with a base hit and a 2-run homer. There must have been some outs somewhere in the inning, but there was also a solo home run by A. Rod. The score was 5-1 by the time Linebrink worked his way to three outs.

It is worth acknowledging that Richard was great today. Really. Cabrera and Griffert had 2 hits each, with a walk for Griffey. The only RBI was Dye’s. Unfortunately, not much else clicked. Even Paul “Carlos Quentin” Konerko couldn’t do anything but strike out twice. Same with Uribe.

Since that game was cheerful enough to double Prozac sales for those working in the offices on 35th (and many others), let me give you the good news. First of all, the Twins lost yet again, so no harm was done to our 2.5 game lead. More importantly, Carlos Quentin was reevaluated today, and just 16 days after causing a fracture to his wrist, there is already good news. [Hence the picture. Something cheesy, along the lines of "Chuck Norris wears Carlos Quentin pajamas to bed."] The super human’s fracture has set properly. It is not healed yet, but he’s taking steps toward rehab and is scheduled to take dry batting practice (that’s BP without contact with the balls) on Friday at Kaufmann Stadium.

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