Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give Your Sox Shirt Off Your Back

If you have digital cable or live in a place that comes with CSN+ standard, I am very jealous of you. I used to be one of you... Sadly, this is the 2nd day in a row that I can’t see the game. I’m thinking I should invest in an MLBtv account. Think of the possibilities! But then again, part of me thinks the season’s almost over, and I’m a day late and a dollar short (or I’d be 20$ short...). In any case, this leaves me with another day during which I can’t report properly on the game. But, on my way home, an idea came to me.

I have to admit, I’m a people watcher. Walking around town, you’re bound to see masses of folks proudly displaying various sports teams logo. There are overwhelmingly many Cub shirts- especially this year, when they’re not big losers, but the ones that catch my eye are, of course, Sox shirts. I didn’t realize it until today, but as someone walks past me, I look over my shoulder to see which player's name they have on the back. And then, without knowing anything about the person, judge them. Don’t you? So, that’s my topic for today. What does your Sox shirt say about you?

You can be noncommittal and wear one of those gray, “2005 World Series Champions” ones. That either means you’re one of those guys that can’t let go of 2005, too manly to proclaim your love for a single player, were a bandwagon fan, too cheap to spring for another one (it's been 3 years, how many washes can you really put it through?) or just proud the Sox won that one. In the same category are the folks that have customized shirt and jerseys.

The serious fans also wear retired jerseys and vintage jerseys. I know those guys would either frown at my endorsement of both Crede and BA or are great for conversation.

There are the folks with Konerko and Pierzynski shirts. These are the most prevalent if I was to guess. If you wear these, you get a nod of approval. The folks that wear Dye shirts usually fall in that category. Serious fans wear Dye shirts. Maybe Behrle or Jenks. But then again, these folks might also be "2005" people.

I see a lot of Quentin and Ramirez shirts. Depending on who wears the shirt, you can determine if you have someone that watches every day and appreciates their contribution this year or a person that is on the bandwagon of whoever does well

Then there are the folks that wear Crede shirts. ½ of them wear them because they’re “2005” guys. And I’m willing to bet that the rest are the ladies- because there’s nothing wrong with hitting a grand slam and looking like a stud at the same time.

And then there are the guys with the Griffey shirts. Half of these are the guys that watched baseball since they were 4 and grew up watching Griffey, and the other ½ are morons that want novelty shirts and don’t realize that Griffert has been causing eye rolls whenever he slumps to the plate.

There are lots of Podsednik shirts floating around. Those that wear them buy them because they’re on super sale (They still had about a million after the World Series or something) or because they’re “2005” guys and gals. Same with Iguchi shirts. If I was to wear a Scotty Pods, it would solely be if I could flaunt it in front of Josh Fields, as if to say, "Go back to wearing 27, you weren't there when we won!"

And the worst offenders: the folks with the Nick Swisher shirts. Those don’t get an eye roll; they get a scoff. Are you a Sox fan? We’re not watching the lovable losers here. We want our team to win. Sure, Nick Swisher is [AWESOME], but he’s quite possibly one of the worst players in all of baseball and having the worst season of his career at the same time. Waste of money, if you ask me. (And maybe ditto with his contract) Maybe you’re a lady and think he’s cute and can’t find an Anderson shirt (And why would they make one? Why own an Anderson shirt? Even if you’re an FOBA, you’re probably smart enough to know you’d be mocked if you ever wore it in public.).

As for me, I’m obviously one of those people with the Crede shirt. Judge me if you wish (who am I to pass judgment on those who judge?), but that is my shirt of choice. (Along with a 2005 World Series shirt and a jersey that I’m sure is the opposite of authentic that has no name on the back. But I don’t wear those.) How ‘bout you?


Matt said...

I have several shirts... I rotate through them because I can work in casual clothes, and I work with a couple of Cub fans so I always need to represent! I have enough to go through every day and more with a different one. My favorite is probably my gray ringer, with the Sox logo on the front that looks cracked. I also wear a Sox shirt that has something to do with the Sox territory on the back, saying this is Sox country, I love that one because I work a few miles from the park with those Cub fans. I still wear my Rowand tee, as that was my favorite player. I also have a dark gray one, the 2005 world series one (nice to remind them when they get out of line), a white ringer with the old block letter Sox logo, and another black one with the Sox logo on front.
Games you'll find me in one of my jerseys: One black white pinstripe with my last name on it, one that's a Jenks black and white pinstripe that was autographed by him, my AJ green/white pinstripe (remember the walkoff homer by him on halfway to St. Paddys day in '06 I believe?), or my 80s style Ozzie Guillen (favorite player back then) red/grey/blue road Jersey, so it says Chicago across the front and nothing on the back but 13, but gets confused for a Cubs jersey by fans at the game (bandwagoners?)

Matt said...

P.S. won't work to watch the White Sox if you're in the Chicsgo area (or other parts of Illinois/Indiana, they blackout what they deem is the home area for a team). Go here ( and you can find out what teams your zip code is in the home area for.

Sean from Naperville said...

I have two shirts. The first I got DURING the 2005 season. It is a #46 Neil Cotts. The reason I supported Neil is the fact that he grew up in the Southern Illinois area just like I did. Cotts also had a great year in 2005.

The second shirt I have is the #30 Nick Swisher. I didn't know much about Nick when he came to the Sox but when I got to know more about him I totally identified and became in instant fan regardless of his slow start. He always promotes a positive image and a good person.

Tom Thorne said...

If I had my choice I would wear a Ritchie Allen shirt, in my opinion the greatest all around player that ever donned a Sox uniform.