Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sore Losers: Sox - Indians Game 2

While yesterday’s loss was understandable, today’s was inexcusable. I’ve shrugged off the last few losses, but if I was managing the team, I would line those boys up and give them a (verbal) spanking. Paired with a lot of minor league action, the Sox threw away a game to the Indians. Not even the fact that the Twins lost is enough to make me feel better about today.

Let’s start with John Danks. The Hawk and DJ, the biggest authorities in baseball must have gone on for about 2 innings about how Danks has never pitched this many innings ever. Perhaps I’m ignorant of the plight of pitchers, but so what? This is his second year, so he should be used to working a whole year. I don’t understand why that was made into such a big deal. But, I guess J.D. felt the same way, because he pitched as if he was ready to quit. He made it only 4 innings, and earned himself 4 runs in the process. 2 walks and 8 hits in just 4 innings seem like a lot- even with 3 strike-outs. It seems as if Mark Buehrle jinxed himself and Mini-Me Danks when he spoke about Floyd being the most likely to buckle under pressure. (How wrong he was. Wasn’t Gavin the only one to win against the Twins and BoSox in their most recent road series against the respective teams?) Then Carrasco took over. He had 2 good innings, and in the third, paired up with Dotel and Boone Logan to give up a combined 5 runs before MacDougal came in to save the day- actually, to end the inning; it must have gone on for hours. D.J. needs to work on pitching inside. After 3 consecutive high and inside pitches, I figured he was about to hit the batter. He walked instead, but that seems like a much too common occurrence with D.J.

What was wrong with that picture (aside from J.D. having been coddled and told that it was okay for him to go out there and pitch four abysmal innings) was that when Carrasco got tired (understandably, the man is used more than any guy in the bullpen. Times 3.), Logan and Dotel were warming up. When the game is within reach (the score was 4-3 when Carrasco left), you bring out someone that will be able to hold the score, not the men that are struggling and the little kids from Charlotte. Amirite?

In terms of hitting, there were 7 hits over 9 innings. Four walks. Only 3 runs, and no home runs. 10 were left on base. Konerko had two hits today and Swisher and Uribe brought in a run each, and someone scored on a wild pitch. To be honest, the lineup just didn’t seem like it could work.

I would like to stop my recap right there and move on to some soreness. Why was Crede taken out in the 6th? After drawing a walk, and doing the usual on third (and almost picking up an error), Uribe came in to pinch hit for him. Uribe got a double, and that was fine, but according to Cowley (not that he’s any more reliable than Hawk and DJ), it was due to back tightness. As it turns out, Cowley turned out to be too right, and Crede is now day-to-day. Crede gave a quick interview saying it was just a setback, Guillen expects his season to be over. [sigh] And speaking of back soreness, Griffey was out for the 2nd day due to back soreness. Then there was Carlos Quentin, who was out because of a sore forearm. Swisher played left field, and Jerry Owens played center.

Did anyone check the dugout for Brian Anderson? I’m worried that he might have drowned in his own tears. After he was almost brought out to pinch-hit, he had to sit back down. But the real question, is, “why didn’t he start?” Honestly. This is ridiculous. I’m thinking if Jerry Owens ever gets injured, they’d send Josh Fields out there before B.A. And finally, speaking of Josh “Booger” Fields, he and Lancelot Broadway have been called up from Charlotte today. Them and our new batboy. Did anyone else notice him? They must’ve traded someone good for him.

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