Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sox Lose Losing Streak

I apologize if you were looking for words of comfort or wisdom in the hard times that we find ourselves in. And I’m not just talking about the economy, I am talking about the state of the Sox. After a few failed tries and several false starts, I decided to give up, for I couldn’t bring myself to update, or write anything that wasn’t saturated in disdain, sarcasm, and mean comments about Joe Cowley. How [Jim] kept the blog going I’ll never know. That’s bravery; reliving the pain of the game in the struggle for a post.

There are plenty of people that have said baseball is fun, and it’s going to be a fun race to the end. Well, I personally don’t believe in the fun of hanging by the skin of your teeth. In fact, it’s been the opposite of fun watching a team that was in first place for so long fail to capture at least one key victory. To give Kenny Williams’s psychic credit, I remember that even awhile ago, Joe Crede was saying it’ll be an interesting race to watch, and the A.L. Central will go down to the wire. As Mark Buehrle said today, everyone thought it would be down to the last few days, not down to the last day. Yet, here we are. The Sox managed to end their 5-game losing streak, and fought against the Indians with a vengeance after failing to capitalize on 2 consecutive Twin losses during the previous days.

Going into tomorrow- the 162nd game of the season, the Sox are trailing Minnesota by a half of a game. If the Sox win tomorrow, they will be tied for first place and will have to face Minnesota, at home, in a one-game, winner-takes-all division showdown. The Sox are down to their last bullet, and they better use it to shoot some big game- of the Detroit species.

As far as pitching goes, tomorrow’s matchup is ironic in that Gavin Floyd and Freddy Garcia were trade for each other. Now, in the ultimate face-off, they will try to out-pitch each other. For the last game against Minnesota, the scheduled pitcher must be Danks, since Javi pitched yesterday (not that he would be the man for the job anyway, after throwing in the towel after 4 innings), Buehrle was on the mound today, and Floyd is scheduled for tomorrow. Surely, we can’t trust this big game in Clayton Richard’s hands. Of course, Danks’s last outing was anything but watchable.

As for odds, I can’t tell you how good they are. I thought the odds were pretty good in that the Sox would take at least one game from Minnesota, but I was sorely mistaken. Sure, it was possible for the Twins to sweep the Sox, but did I think it would happen? Certainly not.

Perhaps this is all a ploy sponsored by Tums, Pepto Bismol, and blood pressure medication to get fans as close to a heart attack as possible in order to gain more revenue. Maybe the Sox are doing this on purpose- just Nick Swisher playing a trick on us (kind of like acquiring Griffey. Or Swish for the matter). There must be an ace (we can only hope Gavin Floyd continues to be an ace) up their sleeves, or they have been losing on purpose. Crede & Quentin aren’t really injured! They’re just trying to surprise us. Yes, yes, the joke will be on us when all of a sudden Boone Logan shows up (maybe with his scary beard) and strikes out the only three guys he faces. Ha-ha, White Sox. Ha ha.

Alright, but, really, let's look on the bright side, so that we can sleep tonight:

PK is on a tear again. He had a little dip- but then again, it's been awhile since the Sox overall won a game, so he's not the only one. The man homered in 3 straight games against the Indians, knee injury, knee shminjury.

JD looks alive again. Maybe all he needed was to spend some quality time in the outfield with Brian Anderson.

We have homefield advantage. As a general rule, the Sox perform better at home. You can't have the homerun without "home."

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