Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Bully Juan Pierre and The Sox Need To Win

Before I start on anything else, here’s a plug for Smells Like Mascot’s newest cartoon: Possibly the truest representation of the Sox lineup.

I feel pretty powerful today. There’s an entire front page article revolving around my last blog post: Read it and giggle sometime. Quote: “Juan Pierre leads off for the 2010 White Sox, clearly too valuable to ever be considered anyone's second choice. The South Siders gave up two solid pitching prospects in John Ely and Jon Link to obtain a player from the Dodgers in December whom they had coveted for years.” This reminds me a little of the Griffey for Nick Massett situation. Except I’m pretty sure that’s being mean to Nick Massett. While he had quite a bit of playing time with the Sox, Link and Ely were never really frontrunners. And while Juan Pierre is no longer in the prime of his life, his achievements before arriving to the Sox, he is nowhere near to what Griffey has achieved.

So, what will I do now with my newfound power? Bring Joe Crede back? Perhaps pit Freddy Garcia against John Garland? Only time will tell. Until then, the Sox are still in search of their first winning streak.

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