Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Know What Time Is Game Time?

As tomorrow’s game looms ahead, one thing is clear. No, not that Jake Peavy is a stellar pitcher. Not that Ozzie and the gang will have to make the choice on who to shuffle into the DH position and who to put on the field. Certainly not how Fausto Carmona will pitch. No, the big question is, how will fans remember when to tune in to gametime?

It seems a bit odd that, all of a sudden, the 7:11 game time is a thing of the past. I feel like I read this somewhere else, but nevertheless, I overlooked it until today. The interwebs referenced economic hardships for the breakup, but in the face of the likes of the Tiger Woods scandal, I suspect infidelity.

Actually, I suspect that this schedule change really did lose a serious chunk of cash for the Sox. Could that have an effect on this season's roster? And will it have an impact on next year's? Pierzynski, Konerko, and a handful of salaries will be up for arbitration again. Could a Slurpee have made a difference between a seasoned veteran and a rookie?

Hope you guys don’t mind a filler post too much. I’m trying to get in the groove of daily updates again after some serious slacking during the last season.

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