Friday, April 9, 2010

Game Three: Extra Innings, Extra Awful

As if this game wasn’t long enough (it took two hours to get through the first 5 innings), it had to go into overtime, only to disappoint fans just a minute short of four hours. I began my notes with a few observations about Gavin Floyd (#34, really tall, HUGE rear end). “Gavin Floyd’s curveball: better and better! Having trouble having them called as strikes. It was a pretty long first inning for Gavin when it shouldn’t have been, but the 2nd inning was much better,” I wrote naively, not knowing that the Sox had another case of dead-bat-it is. The Sox scored their first run on a bases-loaded walk, then on a two-run homer by Quentin, who I believed was going to save the game. But for the next two innings- nay, 3 innings- The Sox could not put up one run to respond to the Indians’!

Overall, I would Say Gavin Floyd did a fine job. 6 innings and 2 runs is nothing to scoff at. He isn’t the one to be angry at. On a pitching-related note, seeing Sergio Santos was one of the highlights of my night. I definitely wanted to see if he’s as successful as predicted in the major leagues. I certainly didn’t predict he’d be successful, but he seems to be. There is hope for you still, Brian Anderson. Maybe the Blonde Bombshell will be a successful relief pitcher for the Royals.

The rest of the game was fairly depressing and Ozzie Ball in its true form died on the altar of baseball once again. So, in honor of the Sox’ lack of offensive effort, the rest of this post will be in the form of bullet points, as my notes generally are.

  • Do you ever wonder if Juan Pierred picked number 1 because 1 sounds like Juan?
  • The best way to describe Mark Teahen: a little tardy
  • Heard a guy in the audience say “Hey Jhonny! They spelled your name wrong!” I ALWAYS think that!
  • Carlos saves the game with a 2-run homer in the 7th to take the lead. Ozzie ball, indeed.
  • The 8th inning is “THORNTON TIME!” Megazord, activate!
  • Jenks has a terrific curveball sometimes
  • The bullpen graphic says “Thornton” instead of Putz. Perhaps they married recently?
  • Randy Williams isn’t a guy I would trust with the hold, but he… held his own! Ba-dum-chh
Finally, I leave you with a quote from Ozzie Guillen:
"Great job. Our pitching staff did a tremendous job," Guillen said. "All our pitchers threw well. We had plenty of opportunities to score some runs, but we didn't put the ball in play. And that's what happens when you have the kind of club we have. We better start putting the ball in play more often."
What does he mean about "the kind of club we have"? Weren't they bragging over spring break about how grindy this club is? Or is Ozzie finally admitting defeat; Ozzie is recognizing that Ozzie Ball does- as I often say- mean pretending to play small ball, but relying on a few home runs.

Tonight, John Danks is pitching on WCIU- also known as the channel that is not available where I live. Let’s hope the Sox can bring it back up to .500 against the Twins and Jim Thome.

And, um... ew.

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