Monday, April 12, 2010

Game 7: Sox Outrun Jays, Peavy's ERA Increases

If last week’s performance by Jake Peavy was “average”, today’s was straight up sad. 44 gave up 7 runs in a little bit less than 6 innings. The rest of the bullpen was terrific, though. Only Randy Williams failed to be splendid.

The Sox offense really stepped up today. Andruw Jones picked up 4 RBI, and Mark Teahen really stepped it up and knocked in three. The Sox racked up 14 hits and 3 walks to win in extra innings- the third extra innings game of the season, and the first that the Sox have won.

This is an important win for the Sox- it’s not just a morale booster for the fans, who finally see the wheels turning on the offensive machine, but the Sox have ended a losing skid at the enormous Jay Dome. Plus, the Jays were 5-1 this season, so it goes to show that the Sox can actually compete with strong teams this year.

Unfortunately, Alexei Ramirez is on a big, hitless skid. Paul Konerko was also 0-5 today. At least the rest of the team was there to pick up the slack, hitting homers, stealing bases, and taking a couple of hits for the team.

So, no complaints about Mark Teahen today. As for Jake Peavy, I’ll write more tomorrow, when more articles/interviews surface with his and the teams’ response to the game.

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