Monday, April 5, 2010

Game 1: Sox - Indians Opening Day

The unfortunate thing about Opening Day being during office hours is that one has to go to extremes to catch a glimpse of the game at one’s desk. Needless to say, between a questionable feed and a poor wireless connection, I got to see about 45 seconds of Buehrle’s Opening Day gem.

The South Side of Chicago was quite a contrast to the bleak funeral happening in the homes of Cub fans. While Zambrano gave up run after run in what I believe to be a humorous 16-5 start to the season, Buehrle gave up no runs through 7 inning, and even made it into every highlight reel due to a dive-through-the-legs-throw combination that got the runner at first.

Paul Konerko blasted the season right open with a 2-run homer in his first at-bat, and followed it up with 2 walks. Alex Rios promised us he wouldn’t have a year as limp as 2009 with a home run of his own. Gordon Beckham had the most hits of the day, 2. I wish I would have seen enough of the game to see how he’s feeling on second base.

Like they say, you can’t spend 162 in first place, if you don’t win the first game. And the Sox did that, giving fans everywhere a sense of hope for the rest of 2010. They’ve also managed to push off my complaining about Mark Teahen and the lack of D.J. Carrasco for another day.

Tomorrow is an off day, but Wednesday, Jake Peavy takes the mound. As for the rest of the lineup, this whole “D.H. By Commission” thing is going to be very interesting to watch.

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