Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game 2: Peavy takes on the Indians

The only good thing that I can report from yesterday’s game is that Paul Konerko is on track for a 162-home run season. The sluggish slugger hit his second home run of the season, and picked up all three of the night’s RBI.

Jake Peavy, on the other hand, was struggling a bit. I say send him back to the National League! Or get him some mittens. He seemed very distracted by the cold yesterday.

According to one Tribune, Peavy blames himself and his lack of control. I personally blame the Sox for going 6 innings without producing as much as one run and producing only two hits the entire night. That and Tony’s Pena’s presence on the White Sox roster. Though he wasn’t the one who screwed the pooch this time, I dislike him nevertheless.

Overall, yesterday was the official return of Ozzie ball- where everyone pretended to do the little things, but really failed miserably at small ball and instead relied on the longball. I didn’t see much of the game, but I did see Konerko’s home run and Pierre’s failed bunt attempt. Who tries to bunt with no outs and no men on base? It’s just one of the many aspects of “Ozzie ball” that drive me crazy.

The most distracting of all was perhaps the Hawk’s continued inability to pronounce “Shin-Soo Choo”. I’ve heard all the combinations. Shin-Shoo Shoo, Shin Choo Choo, Chin-Chew Chew, etc. Not only is his pronunciation hilarious… it’s offensive.

Hopefully Gavin Floyd can bring the Sox back to a winning record in his first start of the season.

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