Sunday, April 11, 2010

Game 6: Buehrle Backed By Homers

It is 6 games into the season and Paul Konerko already has 3 home runs. So he’s not on track for 162 anymore… but I’ll take 81 any day. Despite a mess of a record just 6 short days in, the Sox are 4th in the American League in home runs- 7. Mark Kotsay and Gordon Beckham added their first runs of the season to the total. They are also 7th in ERA in all of baseball (again, 4th in the American League). Some people are doing their jobs on the field. Others (See: Juan Pierre) are not.

I have only been able to see bits and pieces of the last few games due to broadcasting issues, or simply to the fact that I couldn’t bear to see another loss to the end. But of what I’ve seen, I am thoroughly impressed with Freddy Garcia’s return as a starter. Freddy pitched 6 scoreless innings yesterday, and only gave up 2 runs in the 7th because, let’s face it, he was exhausted, as was the bullpen. (Note to readers, these 2 runs were on a home-run, the only home run allowed by a Sox pitcher this season. If that tells you anything about the difference between our club and others.) Also memorable is Scott Linebrink’s performance yesterday. He came in a bases-loaded, no-out situation and escaped the inning sans additional runs.

That’s about all I have for today. Tomorrow, it’s Peavy time again. Happy Sunday, everyone.

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