Monday, May 4, 2009

Sox On Health and Playing Slump

I’m sure everyone that doesn’t live under a rock has seen the scene in “I Love Lucy” where [Lucy is working at the candy factory.] Well, this isn’t a candy factory, but I get the same overwhelming feeling watching the Sox newsreel.

First, Thome gets injured. Which is fine, because we’ve got a team full of designated hitters. Let the Kaptain take it and put some utility guy on first. Then Getz has a fractured finger, and we have to throw Lillibridge in the mix. Then, Brian Anderson pulls an oblique and Jermaine Dye gets hit in the hand and suddenly, you realize that having 8 outfielders in your system isn’t so redundant anymore. Poor Carlos Quentin must’ve felt ridiculous in an outfield comprised of himself, Lillibridge, and Scott Podsednik. By the time Josh Fields was hit by a pitch, I figured I was either dreaming or the Sox were in a real pickle (to say the least).

Well, in case you missed it, or were too depressed to keep watching the Sox rollercoaster this past week, Chris Getz and Thome are back. But I don’t expect them to be in top form just yet. Scotty Pods has taken over for Anderson, but… his only 2 hits were in his first game, and I expect those to be fully based on adrenaline of being back in the majors. Josh Fields didn’t come out of the game after being hit in the hand, but… he didn’t contribute much, either. He’s not expected to start against the Royals. And in old injury news, just because Contreras is healthy, it doesn’t mean he’s any good. Other than A.J. Pierzynski’s grand slam, there’s nothing good worth mentioning.

If you were listening to the announcers yesterday, you may have heard them quoting Kenny Williams as saying something along of lines of, “I’m sick of winning by 10 points one day, and losing 2-1 the next.” Is that going to be the curse of the White Sox again this year?

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scottie221 said...

Scottie will get his ryhthm back soon! just give him some time...hopefully he takes over full time for anderson!