Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pitching Woes and Wows

Mark Buehrle, still the most solid pitcher in our rotation flirted with a no-hitter. The Sox won the game 6-0 before losing 6-0 to the Rangers the next day. It was Jose Contreras’s “last chance” to prove that he deserves his rotation spot, and he sure blew it. Sure, the offense wasn’t much help, but Contreras has lost again and again. It’s just painful to watch him pitch. His face just reads “God, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this next pitch. Oh, please let this game be over.” I’m not one to endorse Ozzie’s “I don’t like his attitude” shpeal that he gives everyone, but… he sure won’t win with that attitude. Or with just one pitch.

So, that leaves a rotation spot open once again. Clayton Richard will get the nod, but I still think he’s just better at long relief. D.J. Carrasco might be an option. Lance Broadway is always overlooked, but I think he would do an adequate job. There are options in the minors (This Carlos Torres fella is lookin’ pretty good, whoever he is), of course, but what the Sox need is an outside solution. And, more importantly, the means to acquire this outside solution.

In other news, Scotty Pods is fitting in pretty well with the new Sox. He’s been hitting adequately when compared to his peers. He’s a definitely upgrade from Lillibridge who does not look major league ready. And, no, that was not a joke about the fact that he looks like he’s about 12 years old. Although, if you’re looking for one, think of something along the lines of the Sox breaking child labor laws and something about getting so desperate they’re using a bat boy. “Ba-dum-chhh!”

On the flip side, you have Bartolo Colon. Sure, he still looks a couple of donuts short of his knees failing and, sure, he doesn’t have a perfect record, but he looked a lot more commanding in his start against the Rangers than Grandpa Jo. For the first couple of innings, I really thought we had a shot. Now, when he was replaced by Clayton Richard, I had to shake my head in confusion. After all, didn’t Chuck Garfein just tell me he was starting Wednesday? I guess throwing a few pitches never hurt anyone.

Random notes and nonsensical things: I hate any day of which Betemit is part of. Lance Broadway is being judged as a whole based on his performance as a reliever and I don’t like it one bit. The Rangers had absolutely no reason to pummel the amount of players they did. I miss Brian Anderson’s defense.

I promise my posts will get more consistent as the season goes on, but things are a little crazy and I always get cranky when I have to sit down and write about a loss. Can you blame me?


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Schruender said...

A.J. even looked like he lost it with Contreras.