Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pirate Noodle Soup

The Sox offense is still not on my good side. Of the 3 runs that scored today, 2 were knocked in by Brian Anderson on a homer, and one was scored by Anderson again. It would be encouraging if things would start to click, or if the order was just right, but it seems as if the Sox are getting lucky with infield singles.

It was Bobby Jenks who was the big surprise today, giving up two runs in the 9th inning, to bring the game from 3-2 in the Sox’ favor, to a discouraging 4-3 Pirates. Sure, Dotel and Mark Buehrle gave up a run each, but Jenks blew the save, giving the fans something to frown at.
As for yesterday, Alexei homered for the second consecutive day. Is he getting his swing back, or is the supposed laughability of national league pitching that is to thank? And then, there was Clayton Richard. He pitched something like 6 scoreless innings. Sure, I was constantly afraid that he would run out of gas, and, sure, he seemed to use nothing but his fastball. Maybe that’s the reason that his stamina dwindles quickly? Then again, what do I know about the mechanics of pitching?

Since there isn’t much to cover other than pitching, let me turn the question around to you, the reader. Were Alexei and Clayton Richard’s successes against the Pirates earned by talent/hard work/etc or was it just a case of crappy NL pitching/hitting?

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