Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blame it on the Economy?

Riddle me this: Who is the starting pitcher (Grandpa Jo excluded) with the highest ERA, yet simultaneously the most innings pitched? Could it be the same guy that has the most strike outs for the year? Or the guy that’s given the most walks? Yeah, all those people are Gavin Floyd. Gripes about what he’s doing to my fantasy team aside, he’s been giving up runs like they were going out of style. I don’t know… That’s all I got.

Carlos Quentin is experiencing soreness in his left heel (which is why he was scratched from the game against the Indians). I’m not sure where the soreness is coming from, but that’s not good news. The outfield is patchy enough as it is, don’t we agree? The lineup is pretty patchy, too. There’s just something wrong with the order. Betemit’s continuing presence, for one.

D.J. Carrasco seems to be back in shape. That’s good news, because I have a feeling plenty of games for the Sox will turn into bullpen games. Like I said, Clayton Richard is long relief. Yes, he was amazing against the Yankees that one time, but 4 innings of work at a time does not add up to being a starting pitcher.

In the tradition I have now started of being too disappointed to write an actual post, a big nonsensical paragraph shall ensue. Scotty Pods’s wife’s uterus? Pretty bad timing. Just kidding, congratulations on the new baby. Brent Lillibridge: Why not as close to the 9 spot as possible? Chris Getz is slowly but surely morphing into Joe Crede. On the field, not at bat. That’s a good thing. Here’s a thought: Alexei Ramirez in center field. Since Nix hasn’t played in CF, why not let Ramirez do it for awhile? Can’t be worse than Lillibridge at bat, can he? Always a good sign: D.J. Carrasco already warming up in the ‘pen in the 3rd inning. Fields is adding to his collection of sombreros again. And next time, just so we don’t waste precious air time, let’s just give the win to Cliff Lee. Sure, he was 1-5, but that’s never stopped the Sox from inflating anyone’s ego before. This was the Sox’s 6th shut-out this year. Niice.

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Schruender said...

Riddle me this: Now that Alexei Ramirez is proving he is absolutely as cold as can be, why does Ozzie Guillen slide him up a couple spots in the lineup?