Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vast Improvements, Minor Moves

What a turnaround! The Sox are still playing under .500, but they are now just half a game out of 2nd place in the division. Not just that, but the gap of runs scored vs. runs scored against has narrowed to just 19 runs! These last few high-scoring games have really been a morale booster for Sox fans- and, I can only imagine, Sox players themselves. After what seemed like a hopeless few weeks, the Sox are now 7-3 in their last 10 games. And get this: of today’s 11 runs, only one was scored on a home run- a solo shot by Jermaine Dye. Did Kenny & Ozzie’s plan finally start to work?

Well, for one, it helps that Alexei is back in shape. He went 3 for 6 today with two RBI. His AVG has improved to .250 from .215 just 10 games ago. He is hitting .279 in May. Jim Thome is also doing better than his overall stats would have you believing. He is hitting .282 in May with 8 RBI in the last 10 games. Still, tied for most valuable players, are Dye and Konerko, who have driven in 33 runs.

It is a sad day for the Sox, as we finally admitted defeat and put TCQ on the DL. He had 20 RBI in just 38 games this year. Wise made his White Sox re-debut today. Can’t say I’ve missed The Rock much, what with being distracted by Scotty Pods and all…

In other news, Lance Broadway was traded to the Mets for a backup catcher. The guy doesn’t seem too spectacular, but the rate of caught base stealers seemed to attract the Sox. Sorry, Corky… Perhaps Lancelot will find success in the National League.

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