Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Slumping O's Meet Slumping Contreras

Nothing can make a slumping team feel better than a pitcher who is struggling. Grandpa Jose took the mound yesterday, in full grandfather attire. While the announcers felt Contreras looked good, he just couldn’t get control of the ball, well… I just think that means he wasn’t looking good. Something like 6 men walked, millions of base hits, etc.

The most I can say about that is, “Eh,” and move on to better news. Alexei Ramirez had the most hits today. Though one was an accident because the O’s third baseman was about as good as defense as I am, and although he swung through quite a few pitches, at least there’s still the possibility. In even better news, Chris Getz! Remember how I said there was something about his mannerisms on second base that reminded me of Joe Crede? Well, after a diving catch, the similarities have multiplied. Getz is continuing to do well, as he got on base twice yesterday.

Sure, yesterday’s 10-3 loss was embarrassing, but the Sox are still 4-3 on the roadtrip, and they’re still keeping up with their division. Someone had to stop the O’s 5-game skid. And who better than Grandpa Jo? Danks is up tonight, giving the Sox another chance to pick up a win.

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