Monday, April 13, 2009

Extra! Extra! Tigers Allow 300 Home Runs! Twice!

The good news about our team is that the rest of our division is awful. It took the Indians 6 games to finally get a win. The Twins are probably considerably hurt without Mauer. As for the Tigers, they let us get away with 10 runs on their home turf (not to mention the ever-so-meaningful-at-this-point division lead).

I wouldn’t say Gavin Floyd having a bad day is bad news, because he often had a case of the MacDougals last year. When he’s wild, he’s wild. A bad day is a bad day. But 7walks? That’s something. Thankfully, the bats (or the opposing pitcher) backed him up, and he somehow still picked up the win. Also miraculous is that DJ Carrasco earned no runs despite loading the bases. I remember back in the day when DJ Carrasco was great in long relief.

Must be mentioned: the Kaptain and Dye joined the 300 HR club today. Combined, they went 7 for 10 with 5 RBI. If you throw Carlos Quentin in the mix, that adds up to 10 for 15 with 4 home runs and 9 RBI. Maybe Ozzie Ball will be redefined as “winning by the home run” and Ozzie will no longer be in denial about the possibility of our team doing “the little things.” Just sayin’…

And on a side/sad note… Here’s a good way to deliver bad news: tell us about Dewayne Wises’s separated shoulder -WHILE- Josh Fields threw away a throw from Brian Anderson that otherwise would have kept the runner from scoring a triple. Both parts of the statement leave BA smelling like roses.

And speaking of Brian Anderson, he walked on 8 back to back balls in his only at-bats of the day. And he was 2 for 2 in stolen bases in said plate appearances. Hopefully, he can continue contributing this way for the time it will take Dewayne to get back in shape. Rumors are that someone else will be brought up from Charlotte. Paging Jerry Owens? Or perhaps Kroeger will be the more likely candidate. More on this tomorrow, as John Danks takes the mound.

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