Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sox Win Double Over Twins

It was an uphill climb for the Sox. To get to today, they had to get over a painful encounter with the Royals despite a pitching gem from John Danks. The Sox had to play the Twins without their foolproof weapon: Joe Crede. To add insult to injury, said weapon was playing for the Twins. Then, there were Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon, making their debuts on the mound for the 2009 regular season. Would the Sox bats come alive? Would the pitching hold up?

Well, as for Joe Crede, he didn’t do much damage after his confusing first at-bat. After what was a moving tribute to Crede, in the form of a tribute video, fans cheered for Crede when he came to bat, only to hit a solo home run to open the score against the Sox and Jose Contreras. Things only got worse from there for the sox, who were forced to watch 12 runs cross the plate, while they only scored 5. Sure, it’s a miracle that Jose Contreras is back from his injury, but his pitching hasn’t gotten miraculously better.

A man who surprised me was Bartolo Colon who was a great part of the reason that the Sox were able to win 8-0 over the Twins. Is there still hope for the Sox rotation this year?

Then, there was today’s game. Mark Buehrle seemed to be back on track, and with a few lucky breaks, the Sox were victorious over the Twins.

Good news? The Sox [seemed to have found their offense]. The bad news? None of these good eggs seem to do well as leadoff. The Wise experiment ended quickly, and it may seem as if Chris Getz’s efforts as a leadoff man are about to come to an unsuccessful end. More good news? Josh Fields continues to hit balls with a vengeance. Continued bad news? Chris Getz got hit by a pitch and was taken out of the game today. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, isn’t that how he broke his arm last year at Charlotte? Knock on wood with me, please.

So, the Sox are finished with their homestand with a 3-3 record. The pitching (Grandpa Jose excluded, of course) is great, the offense may be getting there. It seems like this train isn’t head for a big wreck just yet.

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Schruender said...

Hey you never know Bartolo Colon might think it's 2004 again...