Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White Sox Re-Sign Scott Podsednik

It’s official, it is 2005 again. At least, if you ask Bartolo Colon Scott Podsednik. Yes, folks, you read that correctly. Scotty Pods, the big 22 is back with the Sox. Will Josh Fields do the noble things and give up his jersey number? Will this increase the female demographic at White Sox games? Will Scott even make it to the big show, or will he simply replace Jerry Owens? After all, all he signed was a minor league contract. If his job really is just to keep center field warm while Owens is playing with the big boys, why go out of the organization to sign a brand new farm hand? To be honest, I am still scratching my head, but let’s try to figure this out together. After all, he's just so darn cute...

Facts on the Sox’ end: Starting center fielder (Dewayne Wise) is out with an injury, Brian Anderson is inconsistent at bat, and Jerry Owens can steal bases but do not much else. Thus far, it is understandable why KW would bring in help.

Facts on Scotty Pods: Played only 93 games last year, and 62 the year before. Batted .253 last year. Hit .240 in 50 at bats this spring. Numbers not looking good? Still confused? Perhaps I can shed some light on that: 2005!

And speaking of head scratchers… The Yankees, famous for signing big league money vacuum CC Sabathia, let none other than ex-White Sock [Nick Swisher take over as a relief pitcher for the whole of the 8th inning on Monday]. Seriously.


glebe said...

That SOB is hitting great for the Yanks AND he pitches a scoreless inning? Plus he's now clean-shaven after bringing the blight of awful facial hair to the Sox.

He's doing this to spite us, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Haha, it seems so

scottpods! said...

scotty is bak! happiest day of my life!!!! ive been tellin everyone ever since they released him that he would be bak but no one believed me! i love you scotty! hopefully u take over andersons job! we love you way more than anderson! go scotty! steal some bases!