Monday, June 23, 2008

The Top (Or Bottom) 5 Worst Moments of the White Sox 2008 Season

Sure, the Sox are taking the day off and flying to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers, but that doesn't mean they are forgotten. J. Dye got honored as the American League Player of the Week, a season high for him. But what about our lows? In my opinion, these are the lowest moments so far this season. Agree? Disagree? Have ideas for other blogs on off days? Email me at or leave a comment (I promise, you don't have to register)

5. Paul Konerko’s oblique injury. Yes, he was struggling before going on the D.L. Yes, he was batting under .200 for awhile, but without Paulie on first base, the Sox aren’t the same. Despite Brian Anderson’s unforgiving defense in Center Field, don’t you find it a bit odd to see Nick Swisher’s number 30 on base, instead of the familiar 14?

4. Carlos Quentin’s overall performance during the month of June. Yes, he was voted May’s clutch player and certainly seemed worthy of the All-Star Game, spurring a surge of write-in votes, but the month of June proved that Carlos had gotten stuck in the clutch position one time too many, having only sixteen hits for the June 3rd- June 23rd period. Have we just been spoiled by his lucky performance or has something happened to our stellar left fielder?

3. The Sox defeated by Tamba Bay. The Sox make such a poor showing in this extended losing streak that Ozzie unleashed his famous, fearsome temper against the entire team. On the bright side, the infamous rant knocked Crede (at least temporarily) back on track, leading to his famous 3-game, 5-home run week where he was voted American League co-player of the week, batting over .600 and reaching 14 home runs altogether.

2. Octavio Dotel throws 12 balls in a row. Yes, that is an embarassing 3 walks with no strikes in between. In one of Dotel’s earliest outings, he disappoints fans with a less than impressive showing. Thankfully, the Sox went on to win the game, but sadly, it wasn’t Dotel’s only bad day.

1. The Cubs-Sox Series, Game 3 at Wrigley Field. Despite 10 hits (that is 2 more than the Cubs had for the night), the Sox only drive in one run in the entire game (in the seventh inning) thanks to Joe Crede.

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Chelsea said...

I totally agree....especially number 1. I was actually glad I wasn't in town for the series so I didn't have to deal with annoying cubs fans in person--just via email, text and IM. My friend Mark thought he was oh so clever with his gmail IM status "like paper beats rocks, cubs beat sox" turn I changed my status message to "paper may beat rock, but I can stab you to death with scissors" ah, sometimes it feels good to be a southsider. :)