Friday, June 27, 2008

Sox man raps up Series 1 as we get ready for Series 2

Soxman to the rescue! The masked hero comes to the rescue of Sox fans once again! Feeling down because those Cub fans just won't shut up about that broom they brought out last Sunday? Soxman's rap may help you deal with the stress of dealing with a Cub fan.

Check out the original source over at The Sports Bank, and visit Soxman's official MySpace and enjoy his rap:

"So why would Soxman jump to the front of the pile? Let's just say I owe it to the movie "8 Mile." Yes I'll admit it, that the sweep was vile, and I won't complain that some calls stunk worse than bile. Cubs fans are gloating and show boating, all the while looking for Sox fans to start scapegoating. As they laugh and sing "Hey Chicago What Do You Say?" I Lose Myself, and refuse to play. Cause to try and battle would only give them their way, so use your mind before you jump in the fray. Yes Cubs fans, you won okay? Congratulations…. and yeah have a nice day.

The best team in baseball deserves a high five, and we're also still in first and very much alive. So words of advice, if you want to continue to brag, hang that broom next to our 2005 World Championship Flag. Regardless of what happens, or who is the worst, always remember: WE WON IT FIRST. So we're not bitter or trying to save face, but if you win the gold, it's still SECOND PLACE.

So good luck at going for the silver, we have already won the gold, in a 100 year race, this battle is getting old. So the game is over, try to keep the pace, Sox fans are more focused on the AL Central race. Gloat or "goat" over your three impressive wins, I'm on to worrying about the Tigers, Indians, and Twins."

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