Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Close Race to the End: Sox - Cubs Series 2 Game 2

What was better yesterday? The offense or defense? It's a tough call if you watched the Sox take on the Cubs at U.S. Cellular field. The Sox scored 6 runs, and added 3 home runs to their season totals. Out in the field, precise plays and impressive catches by Crede (namely, one diving catch against Soto) kept the damage minimal despite Vazquez's self-admitted struggle.

Jermaine Dye's batting average soared to an impressive club-leading .306, and Ramirez is now batting .300. In a recent blog poll, when asked which struggling player would make a comeback, fans declared Carlos Quentin the winner with 63%, and trusted that Paul Konerko, too, would regain his stride with the remainder of the votes. True to the fans' predictions, Quentin came back with a solo home run, securing the Sox's victory over the Cubs. Dye, Crede, and Ramirez each had two hits recorded for the night, and all but Swisher and Thome had success on base with one hit each. Two stolen bases, Minnesota's loss, and the encouragement of thousands of White Sox fans also helped the Sox extend their American League division lead to 1.5 games. The Sox are on a 3-game winning streak, and are shedding the remains of their losing streak to the Cubs and Rockies.

Don't miss tonight's game, where Buehrle will be on the mound, looking to sweep the Cubs in their last meeting of the year.

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