Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Beginning Of the Cubs-Sox Series

I have to say that every time the Cubs or Sox come up in conversation, there is always one person that will pipe up and disagree. It's one of the downfalls of living in Chicago: summertime is just not a time for togetherness when it comes to sports. I will admit, nothing makes me happier than knowing the the Sox are doing better than any other team (and that certainly includes the Cubs), but when a Chicago team is on top, you can't exactly be negative. At least manage to be somewhat proud of your city and admit that althought you love your team more than any other team in the world, the other team is almost as good because they come from the greatest city in the world!

So, now that I preached about that, let me tell you how much I can't stand the Cubs-Sox series. There is so much tension, so much negativity, and so much animosity coming into the series, that I can barely watch the game. If the Sox lose, I know I'll be hearing an earful from my friends that are Cubs fans. If the Sox win, the same friends will resent me and I'll hear an earful about Ozzie's temper, how our field sold out for money and instead of a national landmark, it is a shrine to a cellphone company, or about A.J. Pierzinski's ability to take a punch.

This is why I cannot stand the "Crosstown Classic." Even if we win, we lose. If we lose, we keep on losing! Certainly, a Sox win against the Cubs (this year, especially, with their unbelievable winning record) would make me immensely proud and a loss would be immensely devastating, but can you blame me for welcoming the possibility of a tie?

Note that I am aware that so far in the 6-game series, the Sox are 0-2, but I will do a full report on the series between the Sox and Cubs at the very end. I think it might be very frustrating to handle each individual game. In the meantime, feel free to post comments with your thoughts on the series.

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