Thursday, June 26, 2008

Danks hot on the mound: Sox-Dodgers Game 3

The Sox win 2-0. Not an impressive game, but they rack up a win. I guess the only thing that can sum up the game is Don Cooper throwing his pitch counter after being thrown out of the game and stealing the spotlight. Yes, our defense and offense were overshadowed by Cooper embarrassing himself on national television. Nothing could get Swish to stop laughing, in case you didn’t notice him cracking up on the field. So, how about the game? Despite amazing defense by Danks and the Ramirez-Cabrera combination, the Sox did not make an impressive showing today.

Toby Hall seems to jinx the team whenever he steps behind home plate. I think this might be the first time this season I’ve ever seen the Sox win a game while Hall was calling the pitches. He dropped that foul ball, made sloppy throws and catches, and overall made me miss A.J. But, hey, everyone needs a day off every now and then.

Ramirez started out great at bat, and slowed down, but didn’t slow down at all in the field. Danks gets his first career hit, and makes impressive save after impressing save, getting out of four terrifying innings unscathed. As Hawk would say, “MERCY!” They brought out Thorton (who wasn’t as good as yesterday, but did well), Dotel (who usually scares me on the mound, but did alright today), and Jenks brought them home. Quentin didn’t impress me with anything other than his catches, Dye continues to do a lot of nothing in the end of the series, and Anderson continues to chase balls he shouldn’t be chasing. Can Walker please have a talk with him? I really like the guy (especially in the outfield), but he makes it really hard for me to defend him when he comes up empty five times.

I know you were thinking I’d dedicate this entire blog to Crede, his back, his catching, batting, and awesome goatee, but I can’t brag. Joe didn’t accomplish much of anything. His throwing is a definite improvement from Pablo Ozuna, but he had a groundout to third, a double play (or triple play, or something awful like that) where they had about four different things to throw to the basemen: the ball and various pieces of his broken bat, and when they walked Swish to get to him with bases loaded, he got into another mess and quickly ended the inning. He finished up the game by striking out again. But, hey, that’s Joe at bat. He’s cold, then hot, then cold… I’m hoping the temperature changes real soon and Joe starts hitting them out of the park again. Even if he doesn’t get a hot bat again, I’m hoping his streaks don’t become contagious and affect his fielding. Was it me, or did he seem a little disoriented on third?

Coming up: The Cubs series at U.S. Cellular. I might just do a recap at the end; I’m not sure I can handle documenting such an emotional series three days in a row.

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