Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cubs Swept: Sox - Cubs Series 2 Game 3

Bring out your brooms to celebrate the Sox sweep of the Cubs in their home series against their Chicago rivals! Home runs by Carlos Quentin, Brian Anderson, and Jim Thome set off fireworks, bringing a beautiful end to the third game, 5-1!

Despite errors in the infield by the Sox, the Cubs' offense isn't strong enough to bring a win to the Cubs! Sox fans were happy to see 4 double plays on the Cubs (two due to quick picks from Crede, one from a quick and precise throw by Nick Swisher, and another off-the-glove, but entirely perfect throw by Alexei Ramirez).

While bitter Cub fans may say we only won because the umps were on our side (and, on quite a few calls, I'd have to agree), the Sox certainly earned their victory. Excellent pitching by Buehrle stumped usual hot-hitter Derek Lee, and Jenks stopped any runs in the 9th inning.

Highlights: TWO unexpected double plays due to catch/throw to second base combinations, Thome hits homer #522, and my favorite part-time player Brian Anderson gets his fourth season home run (impressive for a "bench player"), Quentin gets homer #19 (yes, the man is hot again!), and Buehrle once again gets out of a couple of very sticky situations!

Lowlights: Joe Crede for his first 3 at-bats, and that ball that went right between his legs! (That's what she said!) Still, the man can make a fast catch! Cabrera and Pierzinski couldn't make anything happen at bat (and Alexei if I'm not wrong, but he's so good in the field, it's out of sight and out of mind!).

Final Thoughts: Now that we saw that Swish is quick on his feet on first and Brian Anderson is more than a good vacuum (Have you ever seen a ball get by him? I think not!), but a power hitter, is Konerko in the same position Uribe was? Well, this weekend did a lot for morale, and hopefully that's what it takes for Sox to keep this winning streak going, and to keep Minnesota away from first place. Like SoxMan says, our focus is (or should be) winning in our division!

Coming up: The series at home against the Indians and Oakland (Swisher's former team). Gavin Floyd is on the mound tomorrow!

Congratulations, Sox!

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