Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Update

Pretty useless, actually. 25 RBI, one less than Josh Fields. Also, only hitting .250 against lefties. .214 with RISP. Yup, that’s A.J. Pierzynski. His average is pretty high, but it’s not really helping anyone but him.

Gordon Beckham is really starting to hit. 3 home runs and ALREADY 18 RBI. If he pulls it together on 3rd base, Joe Crede is in danger of being forgotten. (Speaking of Crede, he has 36 RBI and 12 home runs with the Twins this year.)

Paul Konerko hit 3 home runs in yesterday’s game. Of these 3, one was a grand slam. Of course, it was off that guy that hit Alexei in the head and Jermaine in the head, so it’s not the greatest of feats. Nevertheless, nice job buddy!

The Sox acquired Tony Pena from the D-Backs in exchange for Brandon Allen. Gobble was sent back and I am confused. Hopefully, this means that someone is going to do something about Clayton Richard. I think it’s time for this experiment to be over.

Mark Buehrle was selected for the All-Star Game. Congrats to him. Wish he had more time off, though…

In the meantime, the Sox put together a 7-game hitting streak, swept the Indians, and nudged their way to 4 games past .500 and just 2 games out of second place.

That’s about all I have. I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been sans internet access for about a week and I have probably another week of this ahead, so this is the best I can do. I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July.

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