Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Door Hits Sox On The Way Out of Dome

In case you don’t follow my Twitter feed, I’ve been skeptically taking notes of the game. Well, what can ya say? Contreras did a fair job. The Sox still got swept by the Twinkies, though.
More bad news. After TCQ- Oh, I’m sorry. You may have forgotten who that is. That used to stand for THE Carlos Quentin, who was on track to be the AL MVP after leading the team in home runs. Where did that guy go? Well, he was on the DL for most of this season. Anyway, he’s back and he hit his first home run since April 29th today. Anyway, so after hitting his home run, he limped around the bases. He was back, but that can’t be a good sign.

And speaking of limping away, Alexei twisted his ankle. He will have X-Rays tomorrow, but the diagnosis is a sprained ankle. That doesn’t sound too bad, if Jayson Nix can keep doing what he did today. He was responsible for the other White Sox run with a homer of his own.

In conclusion, as we head into the series w the Yankees, I leave you with the best of my Twitter notes from today:
  1. I'm half-expecting Kenny to trade for Griffey!
  2. Randy Williams comes in and gets the last out. In the meanwhile, viewers at home get to see his overall terrible stats.
  3. Just had a flashback to, "Dye with the catch, Swisher with the worm, I can't stand it!" The defense sure is trying!
  4. Gomez & Punto could win the "Most Hustle While Grounding Out" award. It's nice that they bat back-to-back, so the jokes are close together.
  5. Hawk about Carlos Gomez: "Is he a hot dog? I don't know."

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