Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roster Moves and Updates

I just wanted to start off by apologizing for my lack of internet over the past few weeks. I will be back to regular updates soon. My, a lot has changed!

As if I knew, he would be starting for the Sox (Danks will be out with a blister on his finger), I began to write today: “Who is Carlos Torres? He is currently sporting a 2.20 ERA in Charlotte in over 90 innings pitched. I’ll do my research, but that may be the answer to the Colo/Richard dilemma.” The dilemma being that both have let the team down. Richard really needs to be able to work more than 4 innings, and Colon… well, I don’t know that much about him. But Richard… I’m assuming gets tired because he throws too fast. He’s mostly a fastball pitcher, and he’s been throwing more heat than the scout report out of Charlotte last year would have led us to believe.

Speaking of Charlotte, that is Brian Anderson’s new home. After starting the season with a high near-.280 AVG, Brian was stuck in the Wise/Anderson tradeoff game and his average began to fall. Now that Carlos Quentin is back and Scotty Pods is still doing very well, I don’t mind that Anderson isn’t getting plate time. Anything but Wise as an everyday center fielder is fine by me. I mean, Anderson was sort of a bust, but isn’t Wise hitting somewhere below .200? Maybe I don’t understand baseball as well as I say I do, but… isn’t that bad? That’s what I thought. It has something to do with waivers and all, but I’m still a bit shocked to see Anderson go.

And, yes, I mentioned Quentin in passing, but let’s revisit that. I am so glad to have him back! Do we remember how wonderful he was last year? I hope he still has some of that power and he’s not too out of practice at the plate. He was hitting .373 in 12 games in Charlotte.

Thome was Player of the Week, which I’m happy to report. Who says old people don’t get it done? He, Konerko, and JD have been really taking care of business this year.

As for today’s game, Richard seemed to finally redeem himself. He pitched 8 innings (that’s gotta be some sort of record, right?) with 7 strike-outs on 116 pitches. Bless his heart, he did really wanted to keep his job. And he did a good job, considering the Sox were having a hard time scoring. Quentin was right back to where he left off: the place in the batter’s box where he is prone to being hit by pitches. Bobby Jenks continues his streak of awful outings. After nearly giving up the lead yesterday, he started today with a base hit and a HBP. A base hit loaded the bases with no outs and a walk tied the game. A flyout scored a run, followed by a walk. A groundout ended the inning, but why? On to better news, Gordon Beckham is batting over .300.

MERCY! Gordon Beckham is really getting comfortable in the bigs. If only he could get comfortable on third, he’d be golden.

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Schruender said...

Big day today. Even when pitchers have been big let downs a day like this one will help the stats.