Monday, July 27, 2009

A Long List of Complaints. And Some News

You know what really grinds my gears? Any game that is on 2 or more channels while the Sox get TV time on WCIU. WCIU. I figure that’s WGN’s bastard child, to whom they pass on the rights to the game. Problem with that is that it only broadcasts in Chicago. Got forbid you’re south of Cook County, and no game for you. Thus, plus a game or two on CSN+ is why I missed all but one game of the Detroit series. And today’s game. Apparently there were scuffles and 3 errors. I’ll blame me missing out on all this good stuff on the Cubs.

BUT, I did see yesterday’s game. And what can I say about Clayton Richard? Since he’s been back from the All-Star break, he’s pitched TWO games where he’s lasted 8 innings. WOW. Both games, he only allowed one run. So, what does that mean? Colon is back from the minors (he allowed 3 runs in his start, which was… decent) and Garcia will start throwing soon. So, is Richard headed to the bullpen? Not after last night’s performance, right? [The Sox Machine might have the answer.]

In other news, Beckham has started hitting for power. He’s had a couple of homers in the past couple of days, and he is batting in the upper .290s

Mark Buehrle was named AL Player of the Week after his PERFECT GAME.

Finally, I would like to rant about Dewayne Wise. You may have noticed that Wise started both games in the double header against Detroit. You may have also noticed that his catch was on TV quite a lot. And let me tell you something: I would really like it if everyone stopped tooting his horn! The only reason he was in was because Ozzie didn’t want to overplay Quentin. The only time Wise was a defensive upgrade was back when we had Grandpa Griffey in the outfield. Scotty is no grandpa. Plus, who’s to say that Scott Podsednik wouldn’t have made that catch because he would have played deeper in CF or something… Alright, that is all. Agree? Disagree?

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