Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buehrle is Perfect, First Place, First Fan

Two guys that are crying their eyes out today: Josh Fields and Brian Anderson. Brian Anderson had to watch [ Dewayne Wise get the credit for robbing the Rays’ Kapler of a home run ] as he has to play in Charlotte and pray for a trade so he can be a starting center fielder anywhere. The other guy crying his eyes out, Josh Fields, is running out of Kleenex because he hit a grand slam that got all of 5 seconds of coverage. “Hey guys, I did stuff, too!” As Bill Melton and Chuck Garfein said today, “Josh Fields had a grand slam today.” “Yeah, but we didn’t even need it.”

But, seriously! Today is a day for the White Sox history books. [ Mark Buehrle pitched his second career no hitter ] (the first guy to do that since like 1908) and the first White Sox perfect game since 1922. It was around the 5th that I realized that it was happening. And there were a few close calls. But, congratulations to Mark Buehrle! Finally, the Sox will get some time in the highlights. At least one guy appreciates what the Sox are doing: [ Barack Obama, who dragged Buehrle away from his post-game interview to congratulate him over the phone. ]

After today, the Sox are tied for first place with the Tigers. While this is exciting news, the Sox are headed for a road trip against the Tigers (including a double-header) and one against the Twins before coming home to play the Yanks. It’ll be a difficult couple of weeks, but the Sox have restored hope to the fans.

Speaking of restorations, Bartolo Colon will be brought up from the Minors to pitch against the Tigers tomorrow. No spectacular news has come from the minors about him, but we can only hope he can keep us in the game.

And now, a time for national recognition!


Anonymous said...

Mark Buerle...perfect game..."nuf said"...

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