Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pirahnas Meet The Great Whites

The Sox and Twins pulled a switcharoo yesterday. It was fun watching a game against the Twins-for once. The Twins made bonehead after bonehead move last night. From poor base running, to fielding errors, it was a comedy of errors. And for once, the Twins mere making all the mistakes, and the Sox were mercilessly taking advantage of the situation. It was a very piranha-like thing to do. But just for today, we’ll give them a cooler nickname: The Chicago Great White Sharks. Preying on wounded animals.

What’s more, John Danks and Ozzie dealt quite well with an unfair situation. When the umpires issued warnings to both dugouts when Carlos Quentin was hit for the second time that night (and for the 10,000th time in his career, it may seem), John Danks refused to be shy when it comes to the inside corner. He did his thing, and Ozzie seemed to back him up in case of a potential ejection. Overall, he kept the Twins to 1 run over 8 innings. He threw more pitches than I would have cared for, but he, of course, had to compensate for Freddy’s outing, when the bullpen was abused.

I personally think hitting players in retaliation is an obvious and an easy way to get ejected and pay a big fee. I’m sure the umpires are not goldfish, and their memories can last up to, if not more, than 30 seconds, and they will surely remember yesterday’s escapades in case one of the Twinkies does get plunked today. And Carlos, is just Carlos: a plate crowder.

Aside from Freddy’s hiccup, the pitching seems to be holding up. So, provided the offense keeps up its 6 run nights, this series will end with the Sox back in first. If Pierzynski and Viciedo continue to be quick outs, this feat won’t be so easy.

It will be a little easier, considering that many of the Twins players took a beating yesterday. One pitcher had to walk off the mount after racing Carlos Quentin to first. In the process, Carlos seemed to step on the first baseman’s glove. I’d say that’s enough blood to make the sharks attack.

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