Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jackson Performs, Don Cooper Looks Like A Genius

Today could have been one of the most embarrassing days of Williams’ career as a GM. He could have been forced to admit that his trade had failed. Edwin Jackson could have come out, given up 6 runs in two innings, and the Sox offense could have been desolate and sparkless without Adam Dunn. Instead, he looked like the trade ninja once again- like the guy that actually could see the emperor’s clothes. He was the guy that saw that Edwin Jackson was an exiled ace just waiting for someone to rescue him from his Arizonian prison.

But please. Let’s not get excited just yet. Edwin Jackson is not the White Sox ace because of today. But he won a game for us, so let’s give him the accolades he deserves. Although he gave up 9 hits, and in the 8th inning gave up one walk, he earned no runs, and refused to let the Tigers have their day.

Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it’s Don Cooper. Regardless, Jackson looked great today. Good enough to be the fifth starter I had hoped for: better to give up 5 runs over 7 innings than 5 runs over 4 innings. He did much more than that today, and I hope he can continue to do just that. We’ll see how this turns out in a few more games. 7 innings does not a season make.

Also notable is Chris Sale’s promotion from AAA. He’s been the fastest-ascending draft pick since 1990, and he will be here to take Threets’ spot in the bullpen. I’m looking forward to his debut, hopefully in a situation where he has a 12-run lead to play with. Good luck, 49!

Tomorrow, the Sox look to take their third win from the Tigers, and they send Freddy Garcia to the mound. Edwin Jackson, we’ll see you in 5 days!

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