Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here's To Manny (Wins)

It’s almost 100% official: Manny Ramirez is coming to the White Sox. I’ve abstained because… well, with Kenny, you can’t ever think that a rumor is true. After all, he is the trade ninja. But, for once, Kenny delivered just as was rumored: The Manny Ramirez is heading to Chicago.
It was interesting watching this story develop, because KW and Ozzie were both tight-lipped and outspoken about the possibility. Ozzie has implied that he could handle Manny better than his former managers. Kenny never confirmed nor denied it, but later in the process hinted they may be looking at other players. Alas, the trade happened as foretold.
Of course, there is still a chance that The Manny Ramirez is the second coming of The Ken Griffey Junior- at a time when he is but a shadow of his former self. In the wake of injuries, steroid-use scandals, and after being labeled a clubhouse cancer, there is an undeniable downside to Manny as well as the potential for greatness.
This potential for greatness has me picturing his dreadlocks running the bases to the tune of fireworks, and the Sox winning every game by a touchdown! Of course, we’re going to need about 3 touchdowns’ worth of points to win with our bullpen in such a tattered state, but that’s a different story.
That, indeed, is a very, very, very sad story.  Thornton and Putz are both condemned to the DL due to various ailments. Scott Linebrink is also suffering from an ailment, but if anyone knew what that was, we’d be looking for a cure instead of sending him to the mound.  I predict a new campaign with black and white ribbons as the symbol and many, many telethons. “Pitch for the cure” or something. There must be something that keeps him from producing consistently, if ever. What’ worse is that I can’t bring myself to hate him more than I hate Tony Pena.
For more, we’ll have to stay tuned and watch him play. Let’s hope for the best!

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Beachpig said...

I think Manny has way more in the tank than Grif did...just watching him hit this past week. I think he will come in at DH and excel. His OBP is way better than Jones, who has been a disappoint meant. But then again, we need to have relievers...and that has been killing us down the stretch.