Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pirates are SO BAD! How bad are they?

So bad that the Sox won on a day when Freddy Garcia didn’t have his best start. Freddy gave up 4 Runs over 5 innings and a smidge, but still picked up a run, as the Sox took 6 runs from the Pirates. The Pirates are so bad (23-41, in fact!) that Gordon Beckham picked up 3 RBI! Becks was 2-4 today on a couple of ugly hits. His first RBI came from a double on which Castro was forced to score from first. The dugout was up in arms, trying to bring Castro’s pulse back to normal after the 270 foot sprint that left Castro breathless. Also notable, is that the amount of Sox players hit in the last 3 games has climbed to 7, making it 3 consecutive games where at least 2 players were hit. Amount of players hit by the Sox pitching staff over the last 3 games: still 0.

Today was a game of guys the Sox gave away. First D.J. Carrasco, then Octavio Dotel. Dotel has fared nicely in the NL, which is not surprising. He was always a great pitcher. Just not very consistent.

Thinking of pitchers the Sox gave away made me wonder what happened to other pitchers the Sox gave away. Like Clayton Richard. The man with shoulders wider than he was tall and a smile that would rival a clown’s is sporting a 4-3 record with the Padres with a terrific 2.71 ERA over 13 games. Not too shabby. The NL is treating him well.


Anonymous said...

your writing puts me right to sleep ... thanks!

White Sox Blog said...

Unless you are a professional sleeper, I apologize. No one should be going to sleep at 10 AM. Unless, of course, they work the night shift.