Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucky Number 7-Game Streak

.507. Yup, the Sox finally broke .500! And to top it all off, it was on a day that the Twins lost. The Sox are standing just 4.5 games behind the Twinkies. And on a 7- NO TYPO- game winning streak! Against what is supposed to be the best team in the NL or something.

The Sox ended up winning it 9-6, but I think the final score should not have exceeded 9-3. Thanks a lot, bullpen. The first 3 runs were credited to John Danks’s rough couple of innings (The first batter he faced hit a solo homer), but he recovered in what Jim of the Sox Machine called a Garciaesque outing. And then, of course, entered Tony Pena who gave up a run. And Scott “I sing during the offseason” Linebrink gave up 2. And then Jenks ended it with one pitch. One. Turns out the time off he was taking was just a temporary thing.

The Sox pitchers have been nothing but kind to the bullpen. I can’t remember the last time a Sox pitcher went less than 7 innings or gave up more than 3 runs. Come on, Scott Linebrink! Good thing we had that 5-run lead for you to blow. Yeah…

Anyway, the Sox have finally won against a team with a winning record, so I guess that makes things a little better. If we can take at least another one from the Braves this series, I will be a happy camper and the Sox’ winnings streak can’t be discounted as a fluke anymore. Of course, the 7-game hitting streak can’t go on forever, so we’re going to have to evaluate these new Sox one day at a time.

The good news for me today was the hitting. The only guy that was on a hitting strike was Gordon Beckham. Regardless, the Sox were great with two outs and Vizquel, Quentin, Ramirez, and Rios all picked up RBIs. Plus Quentin blasted a 3-run homer that reminded me of what fireworks look like. On that note, the Sox seem to finally be making 2nd base “scoring position.” There’s a lot less station to station baseball. You win, Ozzie.

Another thing making a stir is that Kenny Williams has declared the Sox as contenders again, saying that he’s going to dismiss the buzzards looking to poach whatever is left from the sinking ship that was the White Sox, and is going to become a buzzard himself, looking to buy rather than sell when the trade deadline comes up, and he may be looking to add another bat. He said a left-handed bat, but I’m still not counting out Dye.

Other notes from the game:
-Alexei had to exit because of what the announcers were afraid was a broken middle finger (The curse of Mark Teahen!) but turned out to be a bloody fingernail
-The Braves third baseman, Conrad, lost a ground ball in his shirt, making it into a hit for Rios and assuring himself notoriety on every sports show this week.
-That was the second goofy moment of the game, right behind Hanson falling off the mount after delivering a pitch.
And, finally, an update on the Pierre-Podsednik rivalry!

Scotty Pods

Juan Pierre

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