Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cubs Make Sox Look Good; Buehrle Makes Silva Look Bad

The North Side is sure to be filled with melancholy, drunken Cubs fans. The Sox are slowly robbing them of any dignity they may have in their very own ballpark. There’s nothing I like more than the Cubs losing at home. Maybe the Sox winning at the Cubs’ home… Seeing Carlos Silva angrily march off the mound like a sweatier Carlos Zambrano was the cherry on top of this day. Sure, it’s sad that he didn’t get to break that record, but what team-surely not the Sox!- would like to be on the flip side of making history?

Today, the tragedy called the Crosstown Cup continued. I was honestly nervous because Buehrle has been… iffy, while Carlos Silva has an 8-0 record. None of our pitchers can say that. It was going to be the toughest matchup of the series. Needles to say, Buehrle holding the Cubs to no score (only Jenks gave up a run today) and the Sox scoring early on Silva were like a band-aid trying to cover up Chicago’s gaping wound: surely not enough, but I appreciate the effort.

I’d like to take this opportunity to commend Konerko on being the guy that brought in both of the Sox runs. Without him, the 4-game winning streak could not have been reality. He accounted for 3 of the Sox’ 9 hits of the day.

I also realize I haven’t been monitoring the Pods-Juan Pierre situation in awhile, so here it is:

Scotty Pods

Juan Pierre

2010 AVG



2010 SB



2010 Strike-Outs



2010 RBI



Juan Pierre is doing quite well in terms of stolen bases, and Pods is still striking out way more. But in terms of being an effective lead-off hitter, I would still give that one to Scotty.


Paul Whitfield said...

What if the White Sox had thought of Juan Pierre and the ChiPod in terms of AND rather than EITHER/OR? You put Rios in right, Pods in center and Pierre in left and you have good defense and tremendous speed on the base paths. Instead, the Sox have born-to-be DH candidates who can't run in right field. I'd take speed over power any day. It creates nightmares for pitchers, catchers and even fielders. Think of how many times Pods created an infield error with his speed.

White Sox Blog said...

That's an interesting idea. I don't think I ever thought of that, I just thought of the Sox just perpetually thinking of a replacement for Pods, who wasn't as "old" or... whatever the real issue was here. The thing is, with Quentin, Jones, Kotsay, Vizquel... that's just too many cooks in one kitchen, so it ended up that the leadoff hitter was the position that ended up taking a cut rather than the "Possible DH" position... You're right. I would rather have alternate lead-off hitters than alternate DHs...