Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ramirez and Cabrera bring home a win: Sox - Indians Game 2

It is just minutes after the game and I think I have palpitations. The Sox were trailing 2-1 because of a solo home run by Casey Blake of the Indians in the top of the tenth. Right when I thought it was over for us and we were ready to go home with a loss, Alexei "The Cuban Missile" Ramirez performs in the clutch and ties the score with a solo home run! The crowd goes wild, my heart stops, the dugout must be in an uproar! Dewayne Wise gets a base hit, then steals his fourth base of the season. A line drive from Cabrera is all it takes for Wise to sprint home and is SAFE! Sox win! Sox win! Sox win!

And what a game they won. Sure, the Twins won their game against Detroit, but the Sox don't give up their lead and extend their winning streak to 6 games. It was a tough night. Danks was certainly the right man on the mound, but Cleveland's Lee was a dangerous pitcher, coming in with an 11-1 record. Scott Linebrink and Matt Thorton also made appearances, and Russel made only his fourth appearance this year and gets a much-needed strikeout.

Can't say much about our guys offensively. They held their own and managed a win and quite a few hits considering. Notable: Brian Anderson (who usually struggles against all pitchers and I expected to see strike out threefold) got a hit in the 5th. Joe Crede started off with a hit his first time up at bat, which seems excellent considering his slump, his history against lefties, and everyone else's struggle against Lee. A.J. was the best hitter this game with two hits, but was left stranded over and over again.

Defensively, what a night for our guys. Crede was back in his stride, making near-impossible saves a couple of times. Alexei caught a couple of difficult fly balls, and Swish is still doing a great job on first.

There is nothing left to say. No comments, no quips, just praise. The facts speak for themselves.

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