Saturday, July 26, 2008

Keeping the Lead: Sox - Tigers Game 2

Don’t let the jammies fool you! The men on the field weren’t getting ready for bed-time, and, no, they hadn’t escaped from prison either. The men in those horrendous uniforms were getting ready to play baseball, no matter how silly or overweight they looked in the uniforms they wore. It was a battle down to the very last pitch, but the Sox did it, beating Detroit 7-6, winning their 7th game of the year against the Tigers.

The Sox batting lineup really came through today. (They weren’t as spectacular as the Twins, who demolished Cleveland 11-4 today, but they had the lead almost consistently throughout the game.) Ten hits and two walks materialized into seven runs for the Sox. Although each only had one hit, Cabrera and Thome both came through for the team with doubles (In Thome’s case, the double was an RBI), and Pierzynski, Quentin, and Dye each had two hits. The latter two contributed to the Sox’ early lead in the third inning with back-to-back home runs. (Dye’s 23rd, and Quentin’s 27th, still leading the division) Another moment to be proud of, and probably a first for Ramirez today: an intentional walk. Who would have thought this little guy whose bat often knocks him down while swinging would be so big of a threat that he’d be intentionally walked?

John Danks needs a shout-out today for picking up his 8th win of the year. While this wasn’t his most successful outing (8 hits and 5 runs materialized on his watch), Danks could take pride in 6 innings pitched, no walks, and for, once again, getting in the game. He, too, has the ability to get double plays when needed, and did not waste as many pitches as rival Verlander. Unfortunately, like the pitchers before him, Danks has fallen victim to the good-pitching-bad-fielding curse that has plagued the Sox this entire week. They’ve tallied 7 errors over 3 games. 9 over the last 5! Ramirez was the one that dug Danks’s hole today, with a bad throw to Swish. Other than bad fielding, some bad pitching is also to be blamed for our runs today. I’ve been overlooking Boone Logan’s bad days off a lot lately, but how in the world did his ERA get to 4.21?

And now, for the first time in The White Sox Blog’s history, I give you: The Rivalries. With all these guys fighting in the field, not just against the other team, but each other, it is time to look at some facts. The decision is all yours.

Battling today: Crede –v. Fields, Anderson –v. Wise, and Swish –v. Konerko. Don’t you think that I’ve given up the tally on Josh Fields for even a second! The only changes to his tally since yesterday were two strike outs, bringing his grand total to 3 K’s, 1BB, 1 E, and 1 H. I don’t want to say he was completely useless today, because he did make a catch for an out in foul territory, but did nothing at bat, and had no spectacular dives, saves, nor did he even participate in any regular plays in the infield. You know Brian Anderson wasn’t too happy to be passed up for Wise once again today. And if Brian didn’t care, then I’m upset enough for the both of us. Sure, Wise’s first day out this year proved a great success, but he hasn’t been able to replicate it since. In fact, since Konerko’s return, he has only produced one hit (tonight’s) in 9 ABs. Brian has 1 in 4. As for Konerko and Swish, Swish has won yet another day on 1B. Not a very productive day, but a day at 1B for Swish means another lost vote of confidence for Paulie. Can you see Crede, Anderson, and Konerko sitting together in the dug-out, all saying, "Can you believe that's the guy they think can replace me?"

Join the Sox tomorrow, when Javier Vazquez pitches in the closer against the Tigers.

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