Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sox and Cubs in the Media

…Sure I have a ton of gripes about the White Sox. But nevertheless, I love the team. It’s why I dedicate so much time to this blog. So with that said, why should someone that makes a grand total of $0.00 a year to cover the White Sox spend so much time researching when the media can’t spend as much as 5 minutes researching the White Sox roster.

I was browsing Borders recently, only to find a 2010 calendar. It may have been acceptable to include the likes of Dye and Thome as the photos designated for various months. However, riddle me this: who wears number 7, plays third base for the White Sox, and is named Josh Fields? No one. While Josh Fields used to do all those things, he no longer does. Why, then, is his unshaven cleft chin the image chosen to represent the month of June? A bit of research would have saved the publishers of said calendar from making this gaffe.

However, the Sox can still retain some pride in the fact that [the Cubs seem to want a Sox leftover: Jose Contreras. And Scott Podsednik.] Mandatory Grandpa Jo Joke: The irony is that the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since Jose Contreras was born.

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