Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pierre Trade from A New Perspective

If you really want an in-depth look at the Juan Pierre trade, your go-to place is the [ChiSox Examiner].

So, I’m not going to repeat all of that. I’m not even going to go the opposite way and say that I’m sad this is the end of Scott Podsednik. I’m not even going to acknowledge anything other than the fact that, luckily, the Sox are only paying $8 million over two years instead of $18.5. What I have to say about it is, we’ll see how it pans out. Which, by the way, is my new Alex Rios slogan. We’ll see how he works out.

No, what I’m going to look at is the Dodgers’ side of this. Because those fans have seen more of Pierre than we have. Says [one blogger for the LA Times], “Juan Pierre was a good fourth outfielder … But he's not a starter.” This same blogger sees the trade as a bargain for the Dodgers. They see it as $8 million they can pay for someone else and they don’t seen losing Pierre as a loss. In fact, if you look at LA Dodger bloggers, the feeling seems to be unanimous.

But don’t despair! On the bright side, we do have some added grindyness. The guy can steal a base. And even if he matches his lowest AVG in 5 years (about .285), that’s still better production than, say, DeWayne Wise, Brian Anderson, Brent Lillibridge, and the Bat Boy.

As for the pitching we gave up, supposedly Link and Ely, I’m not too disappointed. Not since John Danks-ish or Mark Buehrle-ish have we had an in-house pitcher pan out. When it comes to true pitching talent, the Sox scouts can’t see it, and Kenny Williams finds it elsewhere. Problem solved.

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